Goodland Tech is where the path to possible begins.

The Education Industry Needs Innovation

Life After High School Graduation is Not One Size Fits All. Attending a 4-year university is not the only way to get started in a stable, lifelong career with an upward trajectory. Too few people recognize that apprenticeships are an excellent option for high school graduates that allows them to:

  • Earn a livable wage.

  • Obtain a credential and get real life experience.

  • Master a skill without any student debt.

Bridging The Digital Divide

Create The Crypto Economy

Gone are the days when you had to head off to Silicon Valley to build the future. Right now, right here in Kansas, Goodland Tech is training the next generation of cryptocurrency software developers. 

One reason why a Goodland Tech apprenticeship is exciting is that it’s a solution to conveying knowledge and providing mentorship, with the opportunity to stay right here in Kansas. Other traditional solutions are either very expensive (4+ years of college, tutors) or much less compelling (textbooks, lectures).

Through our tuition reimbursement program, your students can get started in a career without taking on any student debt. To make our program more effective we pair our Crypto Apprentice Program with courses at Northwest Kansas Technical College; applying course work to real projects with our clients creates the professional development that leads to real jobs in the future of technology (web3, Metaverse, blockchain and cryptocurrency).

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