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Education + Apprenticeship = High-Paying Careers

Goodland Tech calls itself a “workforce development” company, but what we do is easy to understand.  For people motivated to advance their careers while remaining in their local communities, we offer a fully-integrated program that includes cutting-edge technical education, real-world apprenticeships, and highly-paid jobs with technology companies.

Traditional four-year colleges can saddle students with debt and, in many cases, leave them unprepared for high-paying careers after graduation.  Goodland has solved that with an integrated program that teaches students what they need to know to meet the needs of leading technology companies–and then matches them with full-time employment.  A year of schooling, a year of a workplace practicum, then high-paying employment:

Year 1 – Technical education begins at Northwest Tech.

Year 2 – Technical education at NWKTC + workplace practicum for college credit.

Year 3 – Paid full-time apprenticeship earning $40,000 – $65,000.

Year 4 – Paid full-time employment; following year four, student receives tuition reimbursement and target salary of $70,000 – $110,000.

Education worth pursuing.

The Education Industry Needs Innovation

Life After High School Graduation is Not One Size Fits All. Attending a 4-year university is not the only way to get started in a stable, lifelong career with an upward trajectory. Too few people recognize that apprenticeships are an excellent option for high school graduates that allows them to:

  • Earn a livable wage.

  • Obtain a credential and get real life experience.

  • Master a skill without any student debt.

Goodland Tech has partnered with Northwest Kansas Technical College (NWKTC) to create a dedicated curriculum for Bitcoin, Crypto, and Web3 development.  Every class teaches skills that are in-demand at world-class companies.

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Master the tools and technologies you need to enter the Bitcoin, Crypto, and Web 3.0 world. During your Goodland Tech education and apprenticeship, you’ll master a number of cutting-edge tools and technologies and receive the knowledge and training that you need to enter the industry with a high-paying job. Our graduates have high paying jobs when they’re done with the program; a typical salary range of $70,000 to $110,000/year (average salary in Kansas is $28,128).

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