Ensuring Your Long-Term Success

We Work With You

If Gold Standard Data and the related processes are your company’s strategic advantage, then it should be your team that is doing the work. Goodland Tech isn’t a staffing agency, an analytics firm, or a software development house. Rather, we work with our clients to develop processes and systems to identify and maintain high-quality data—and we make sure that our clients’ teams are responsible for those results. It’s the only way to ensure long-term success and ongoing strategic advantage for our clients.

We’ve structured our company to be an extension of our client’s teams. We attract, supervise, and train personnel to become integrated parts of our client’s teams, which are typically located in major U.S. technology hubs. Goodland Tech is a more secure, onshore way to add skilled, committed, U.S.-based, and lower cost team members.

How Goodland Tech Stacks Up

Goodland Tech takes the risk out of identifying key resources and guarantees that they will be committed long-term to clients that value them as team members.

Long-Term. Ongoing. Engaged. Dedicated.

A Typical Goodland Tech Engagement

Goodland Tech clients have typically identified a short-term need to add technical team members to complete a project, launch a program, or other. Importantly, however, these clients also recognize the long-term value of having committed team members: they understand that the current project will either persist, or that there will be other initiatives that will benefit from having a dedicated team that understands the company.

In this way, the decision to work with Goodland Tech is typically one that balances an immediate technical need with a recognition that the company will benefit long-term from ongoing, engaged, and dedicated team members.