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If you’ve happened upon this page, odds are you have a high-school-aged son or daughter who has expressed some interest in Goodland Tech.  We regularly hold information sessions at high schools and community events, and it’s common for people to be simultaneously excited by and skeptical of our program.  That’s natural, and we want to do everything we can to help people understand how we’re revolutionizing employment opportunities in rural and underrepresented communities.

To that end, one of the things that we like to do is provide interested students with information that they can share with their parents.  Our hope is that this FAQ can help you have a productive conversation with your child about their future—and how Goodland Tech offers a professional pathway that they never imagined possible.

What is Goodland Tech?

Goodland Tech, located in Goodland, KS, is a “workforce development” company.  That’s a mouthful, but at its core, what we do is fairly simple.  We’ve partnered with colleges to design educational programs that give students the technical training they need to succeed.  And we’ve partnered with technology companies that are desperate to hire capable, educated professionals.

So, for students, Goodland Tech is a pathway to a promising career in fast-growing technical industries.  For companies, we’re a source of talented labor—a pool of qualified applicants that they can’t find in crowded markets like Silicon Valley or Austin, TX.

To read more about how our founders realized these needs, visit

How is it related to NWKTC and the “Cloud & Crypto Computing” Program?

Goodland Tech has partnered with Northwest Kansas Technical College (NWKTC) to design an educational program that focuses on the programming and other skills that companies desperately need but struggle to find from four-year degree recipients.  The Cloud & Crypto Computing program has been specifically designed to prepare students for real-world work.

The program isn’t just a theoretical technical education.  Yes, students learn core technologies, but there is also a real-world practicum that enables students to work on real technical projects with some of the world’s leading companies.  Even better, the program includes an internship and employment pathway that just doesn’t exist in a four-year college environment.

So, is this a degree program, an internship, a job, or something else?

It’s all three and then some.  Students who work with Goodland Tech receive the benefit of an accredited degree program through NWKTC, part of which includes real world, on-the-job training for course credit.

Once finished with the two-year educational program and on-the-job practicum, Goodland Tech places students in paid apprenticeships where they earn $40,000 – $65,000 annually working remotely on cutting-edge technology projects.

After four years, students can expect ongoing full-time employment earning $70,000 – $110,000.  And, because of our partnership with NWKEICI, those who complete the four-year program will receive tuition reimbursement.

(As an aside, consider that NWKEICI’s involvement is an endorsement of what we’re doing: bringing incredible educational and professional opportunities to Northwest Kansas and other underrepresented regions.)

What would my son or daughter learn in this program?

NWKTC’s program teaches students core knowledge that is fundamental to developing software and building applications.  Even if you believed that cloud computing will go out of style soon (it won’t) or that Blockchain is a fad (it isn’t), a graduate of NWKTC’s Cloud & Crypto Computing program would graduate with foundational knowledge that is central to projects that modern companies need.

The program’s coursework and integrated internships teach students what they actually need to know to succeed as a developer in the modern technical corporation.  From Object-Oriented Programming, to Swift Programming, to design and development principles and more, the curriculum is a rock-solid foundation for anyone hoping to have skills that are in demand at technology or financial institutions that are building world-changing applications.

Beyond the core curriculum, students can specialize in one of five cloud and crypto computing subspecialties:

  • Back-end
  • Front-end
  • Dev ops 
  • Blockchain
  • Product design & project management  

Think of these as a “major” that students would traditionally pursue at a four-year university.  However, instead of wasting time on theoretical content, NWKTC students participating in the Goodland Tech program can achieve both the foundational and specialized technical knowledge required to succeed in only two years.

Importantly, while all graduates will understand technology, not everyone will spend their days programming.  This program is designed for those who are creative, those who love organizing projects and information, and those who are passionate about leading teams.  Choosing a track is a student’s way of matching his/her interests with the variety of professional opportunities in this field.

I'm not sure about crypto... is this program some type of fad?

Not in the slightest, but given what people hear in the press about Bitcoin and NFTs, that’s a great question.

Consider an analogy from thirty years ago: the Internet.  Back in 1992, most people didn’t know how the Internet was going to change every aspect of their lives.  But large companies were investing lots of time and resources into countless projects—Internet access, email, websites, online shopping, search engines, and more.  Long before anything like social media or even mobile phones existed, companies were hiring software developers to work on a whole host of applications.  By 1995, an expert in Java, JavaScript, or PHP could get employment anywhere.  Some of those projects succeeded, and others failed, but the need for educated professionals was insatiable.

Fast forward to today: that’s where we are with cloud computing, cryptography, and Blockchain technologies.  The world’s leading financial institutions are pouring billions into cryptocurrency platforms or decentralized financial applications.  Technology companies are investing in digital ledgers, developing mechanisms to verify the authenticity of data or assets, and creating applications that will drive the future of business and entertainment.  The truth is that no one knows exactly which of today’s applications will drive the most change worldwide, but we know that all of them will require professionals who are trained in modern development languages and practices.

THAT is what this program does: it prepares professionals to serve the technical and development needs of a rapidly growing industry.

How many years is the program, and what all is involved?

  • Year 1 – Technical education at NWKTC
  • Year 2 – Technical education at NWKTC + onsite workplace practicum for college credit
  • Year 3 – Paid onsite, full-time apprenticeship earning $40,000 – $65,000
  • Year 4 – Ongoing paid onsite, full-time apprenticeship; following year four, student receives tuition reimbursement and target salary of $70,000 – $110,000

What does the program cost?

Given our partnerships with NWKTC and organizations like NWKEICI, Goodland Tech doesn’t charge students anything.  Students enroll in and pay for the program at NWKTC, but if they complete the four-year education+internship program outlined above, even these costs are refunded.

Where will my son or daughter be working after completing the first year, second year, and beyond?

This will vary based on a student’s interests and the projects available when s/he is ready for the practicum, apprenticeship, or employment.  Our cofounder worked with financial institutions and those focused on security and cryptography, which will be areas that will be broadly available.

Consider that a student specializing in back-end development and one more interested in project management would hold very different roles but could still work for similar companies.  Both might work for a large bank developing a decentralized financial application—the former spending days coding behind the scenes to ensure that an application’s logic is correct and the latter interfacing between different personnel to organize the overall project.

What happens if my kid decides that s/he doesn't want to work in crypto, Blockchain, or cloud computing: will this program have been a waste?

In a word, no.  The world is changing, and technical development is changing with it: there are flourishing employment opportunities for anyone looking to enter these industries.  However, the program’s foundation includes underlying technical principles that have stood the test of time and will serve anyone well if they wish to switch careers.  The NWKTC curriculum teaches things like Object-Oriented Programming and Swift Programming, as well as design and development principles.

Whom can I talk to for more information?

Send us an email at, and we’ll be back to you within a day.  If you’d rather call us directly, call (785) 734-0839—and be sure to leave a message so that we can get back to you if we aren’t able to answer when you call.

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