We all hear how companies in the US are struggling to find high quality tech talent. Silicon Valley and the tech industry at large embraces distributed talent, not as a stopgap, but as a permanent viable solution for building and scaling their engineering teams. With the Bureau of Labor Statistics projecting a 21.5% employment growth for software developers between 2019 and 2029 the landscape appears well-situated for Goodland Tech.

A recent article in Northwest Kansas Today explored how Goodland Tech is creating professional, high paying opportunities with those who no longer want to compromise on location when it comes to their career. NWKEICI Executive Director Scott Sproul was interviewed about their relationship with Goodland Tech’s approach to workforce development, “It’s an innovative approach to solving population decline and creating economic opportunities for people who may not have had that opportunity to stay here in the region.” 

Graduating with zero student debt and knowing you’ll have a job with Goodland Tech can positively impact your future and give you future financial independence.

The newly revised Crypto Computing Program prepares students for employment in software and app development. During the first half of the program, students complete classes introducing them to full stack development within five different pathways (DevOps, Backend, Frontend, Product Design & Product Management and Blockchain).

During year two, students pursue their chosen pathway as part of a full stack development team. They focus on real projects to enable accelerated learning while working on live projects with employers and clients.

With the highly tailored courses at Northwest Kansas Technical College and Goodland Tech’s ongoing commitment to training and development, our talented community is poised to offer one of the best talent pools in the country for businesses looking into partnerships to carry out their custom development needs.

When talking to Goodland Tech clients Ben Coumerilh often says, “The cost of living is considerably lower in Goodland; our people tend to value long-term relationships with, and commitment to, employers. We appreciate the opportunity to work on world-class, cutting-edge technologies, and value committed employer-employee relationships more than the opportunity to “jump ship” to the company down the street. In other words, Goodland Tech’s experts have world-class technical abilities but small town values.”

Goodland Tech recently launched virtual information sessions to help spread the word to interested families in Northwest Kansas; applications are still open to start this fall. The team is also always accessible via phone [ 785-734-0839 ] or email [ hello@goodland.tech ].