We Deliver Gold Standard Data

Quality Matters

“Data” is the lifeblood of information-driven businesses. But data collection isn’t enough: companies need to make intelligent decisions about the data they collect. There is a difference between information that has been crudely scraped off the web and data that is known to be accurate. Only the latter (“Gold Standard Data” or “Ground Truth”) facilitates higher-level analysis, insights, and intelligence. When data is known to be accurate and when connections between information are proven, an entirely new level of business intelligence (including machine learning) is possible.

Goodland Tech’s U.S.-based teams ensure that collected information is valuable data by tagging it appropriately and creating processes to analyze it. The result is that Goodland Tech clients benefit from systems that gather and harvest data, verify that data with trusted sources, identify useful and qualified patterns, and leverage connected datasets to intelligently connect to—and make decisions about—the real world.

Attributes of Gold Standard Data

For data to be accurate and ideally suited for business intelligence and machine learning applications, data collection is not enough. Companies need to ensure that their data has the following attributes:

Through its detailed processes, Goodland Tech enables clients to get as close to the “Ground Truth” as possible.

Keep In Mind...

It's YOUR Data

It should go without saying that if a company’s primary asset is its data, it should have control over and access to the highest-quality information. Goodland Tech establishes processes to ensure that companies own the systems, processes, and personnel that make its data possible.