Rewrite Your Future

Greatness At Goodland.

From fast-food chain

to blockchain.

If you are looking to work in crypto, become a blockchain developer, pivot your current career, or up-skill, emerging technology is a great choice. Blockchain technologies will be a part of many industries in the future and smart and successful professionals are always trying to stay up to date with current trends and technologies.

From a food truck owner

to NFT guru.

The demand for blockchain-related skills is increasing and it’s always an advantage to look for a career in markets that are constantly growing and evolving. The expectations of expertise in the blockchain industry range from creative roles to business and more technical roles, but the demand for developers with coding skills and knowledge of solidity, token economics, database architecture, and other blockchain-specific specializations stands out.

From a centralized bank teller

to DeFi whiz.

Our apprenticeship program embraces different personalities and capabilities. All you need is a willingness to learn. We select participants who are independent but good at collaborating, motivated to succeed, committed to learning to code, flexible, curious, open-minded, and excited for long-term careers in the field, positive attitude with a growth mindset.