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Cryptocurrency Is Revolutionizing the Economy

The growth of the cryptocurrency industry is an opportunity for you to launch a new career. The opportunities in this new and thriving sector are endless. As a professional in this industry, you’ll enjoy a high salary and professional fulfillment. Learn from industry experts and innovators in blockchain technology and crypto security in the best tech and financial companies.

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Master the tools and technologies you need to enter the crypto world. During your Goodland Tech crypto apprenticeship you’ll master a number of cutting-edge tools and technologies and receive the knowledge and training that you need to enter the industry with a high-paying job. Our graduates have high paying jobs when they’re done with the program; a typical salary range of $70,000 to $110,000/year (average salary in Kansas is $28,128).

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Program Description

Crypto Computing Program Pathways

The newly revised Crypto Computing Program prepares students for employment in software and app development. During the first half of the program, students complete a common core of classes that introduce them to full stack development within five different pathways (DevOps, Backend, Frontend, Product Design & Project Management, and Blockchain)  Students will choose which one of the five pathways suits their interests and skill sets. 

During the second year of the program, students will pursue their chosen pathway as part of a full stack development team. Live work will be the focus of the second part of the program to enable accelerated learning while working on live projects with employers and clients.

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Cryptocurrency Apprenticeships are Key Connection Points into the World of Work.

Our mission is to bring greater choice, independence, and opportunity to individuals in rural, agricultural-based cities. Our programs provide opportunities for people of all backgrounds to develop careers in technology. Professional, high paying opportunities with those who no longer want to compromise on location when it comes to their career

The Goodland Tech program creates big opportunities for students to build a portfolio of real professional work with our clients during their apprenticeship. Students who complete the 2-year program at NWKTC and their Goodland Tech apprenticeship are reimbursed for their classes at Northwest Kansas Technical College. That means you have zero student debt, experience and a job with a Goodland Tech client!