Located in Goodland, Kansas

A Midwestern Town with Midwestern Values

Goodland Tech has access to an impressively well-educated, technical workforce that is uniquely qualified to join leading technology companies’ teams.

But Why Goodland Kansas?

Cofounder Ben Coumerilh moved to Goodland in 2007 to serve as CIO of Northwest Kansas Technical College, which specializes in attracting and training technical talent from around the state and region. In an effort to improve enrollment, he collaborated with Apple, Inc. to make Goodland the first and only community in the nation to offer a Kindergarten-through-tech-school program that emphasizes mobile applications specifically and technology more broadly.

In fact, it was in Goodland that the nation’s first one-to-one iPad solution for education delivery via mobile technology was launched.

This thirteen-year history means that today’s Goodland, Kansas graduates have received a first-of-its-kind technical education throughout their entire educational experience. Goodland schools consistently earn the annual Apple Distinguished Program Awards. Put another way, Goodland’s high school graduates have grown up within a structured technical education unlike that of any other students in the country, including those in Apple’s backyard of Cupertino, California.

Coupled with the highly tailored training at Northwest Kansas Technical College and Goodland Tech’s ongoing commitment to training and development, this community offers one of the best talent pools in the country.

Culture Matters

It is also worth mentioning that Goodland residents have professional values that differ from much of Silicon Valley. For one thing, cost of living is considerably lower in Goodland; for another, people tend to value long-term relationships with and commitment to employers. They appreciate the opportunity to work on world-class, cutting-edge technologies, but they value committed employer-employee relationships more than the opportunity to “jump ship” to the company down the street. In other words, Goodland Tech’s experts have world-class technical abilities but small town values.

Growing Communities. Innovating Technology.

Building The Future

Goodland Tech unites highly trained technical talent and the world’s leading companies. By bringing together education, operations, technical consulting, and industry-leading data insights, Goodland Tech achieves the proverbial “win-win” for companies looking to add exceptional personnel to their teams, as well as job-seekers looking to make their mark on the future of technology.